CI/CD the WordPress way

Self hosted automated deployment system

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Key Features

  1. Automate deployment of WP plugins and themes to any server, hosting agnostic
  2. Error 500 prevention, project will not be deployed in case it triggers error
  3. Preview mode, check how it looks before making it live
  4. No downtime, no waiting for files to upload
  5. 1 click backup and restore directly from WordPress

Have questions? Find answers

  • How is this different from other CI/CD services?
    Other services are using their own infrastructure to first download your code and then upload to your server. This is why they need to charge you per number of projects or storage or bandwidth used. With ziploy there is no such cost because nothing is hosted on 3rd party server, files are uploaded directly from your repository to your WordPress website, ziploy handles the rest.
  • Why is this better than S/FTP?
    When uploading files over FTP files are uploaded one by one. Uploading large themese and plugins takes time.
  • How is this better than git?
    This is not a replacement for git, only a tool to upload and continuus deployment to any WP hosting.
  • Do I need to upload my files to github or similar service?
    No, you can use ziploy-cli to upload files directly from your laptop. You can deploy code from multiple locations, every update will replace current one and create a backup and preview before code (theme or plugin) is actually activated
  • How much will this cost and are there any limitations?
    Annual subscription with no limitations on number of domains / projects.